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Schubert Video Productions, LLC
About Us

About Us

Steve Schubert What began as a young child's Christmas wish for a silent 8mm camera and projector has grown into Schubert Video Productions, LLC. Steve is accredited by the Wedding and Events Videographers Association (WEVA), and is certified by the American Guild of Court Videographers (AGCV). This distinction makes him one of the elite few in the nation considered an expert in the field of forensic videography.

Steve's extensive training allows him to offer a wide variety of video services. Using digital technology and a professional non-linear editing suite, Steve is able to blend innovatice technologies, including professional voice-overs, and provide high-end videos. From recording special events, weddings, parties and sporting events to developing creative corporate training and advertising videos, Steve will work with clients to promote their personal flare. He also offers duplication services, copying VHS tapes to DVD or 8mm film to VHS or DVD. This allows the video to be preserved for life on DVD.

With the explosion in video technology, families now can have professional videos made at reasonable costs. Two exciting videos are video biographies and love stories. Video biographies are excellent ways to capture one's life for future generations. A great gift for any family member, this video captures one's life by intermixing important lifetime photos with a personal interview.

Many of today's couples have love stories made to be shown just before or during their reception. Made months in advance, this video portrays the couple from childhood to the present by using interviews, pictures and video of the couple to explore their life together.

American Guild of Court VideographersCasper, WY: The American Guild of Court Videographers is proud to announce the "certification" of professional videographer Steve Schubert of Schubert Video Productions located in Cambridge, Ohio as a "Certified Court Videographer" (CCV) after having successfully completing all the requirements of the AGCV for certification as a forensic videographer. The AGCV is the only organization in the United States that is training and certifying professional videographers in all phases of legal video. As a "Fellow" in good standing in the AGCV, Mr. Steve Schubert is one of a very few in the nation allowed to promote and advertise their expertise in the field of legal video using the official logo and certification provided by the AGCV. The AGCV training includes preparing its members in meeting all the stipulations of the Federal Rule 30 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and the Federal Rules of Evidence in regard to the video taping of depositions, producing day-in-the-life and settlement documentaries, taping scenes of crimes and incidents, showing video evidence of damages, video taping mock trials, the will execution ceremony, construction surveys and actually displaying the video evidence in the courtroom during trial. The certification provided by the AGCV is limited to "professional videographers" as the AGCV is not in the business of training amateurs on the operation of a video camera. To meet the requirements of the rapidly changing technology, each certified member is required to stay abreast of the profession by completing additional continuing education. To be certified as an expert in this exciting and exacting legal video profession is indeed a great accomplishment and we extend our congratulations to Steve Schubert.


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