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Court HouseMore and more law firms are seeing the way legal videography can enhance as well as ease their ability to represent their clients. No longer are witnesses needed to travel long distances to appear in court. Witnesses can be deposed (under oath) following the Rules of Procedure and the Rules of Evidence. This can then be shown at trial without bias.

Schubert Video Productions is certified by the American Guild of Court Videographers and competent in the Federal rules of Civil Procedure and the Federal Rules of Evidence. This means that you and your client can rest assured that you are working with professional people, comfortable with the legal process.

Video Depositions

Litigation is known as "a search for truth," the video depositions is used as the magnifying glass in that search. The courts have uniformly agreed that due to recent technological advances and diminished equipment costs, videotaped depositions have become a familiar component of pretrial practice.

Settlement Documentary

CourtroomCommonly called a settlement brochure, the American Guild of Court Videographers prefers the term "settlement documentary" because it is a more accurate description of the video production. Usually presented by the plaintiffs in a civil case, the settlement documentary is a video summation of one side of a case. The settlement documentary is not meant to be presented in a court of law as evidence. It is to be used in pre-trial hearings or mediation as a video presentation to compel a quick settlement.

Day - In - The - Life

Also referred to as activities of daily living (ADL), these are almost always used in personal injury cases, and are a truthful and unimpeachable video production documenting the actual daily activities and how the incident in the plaintiff's life has affected their ability to function. The ADL is effective as a tool to provide judges and juries with a true reflection of the daily struggle (therapy, treatment, handicaps) the client must face as a result of the alleged injury or incident.

Video Wills

Often overlooked by estate planning attorneys, the video will can help eliminate some of the problems that sometimes effect the smooth resolution of a contested will.

When performed properly by a Certified Court Videographer, the video will can:

  • Show the mental and physical condition of the testator.
  • Allow the testator to explain, on camera, his decisions in the will.
  • Eliminate the question of authorship.

The process is simple yet important. The certified videographer shoots the reading of the will by the testator and records the execution of the document. The original tape (or DVD) is left with the attorney to use in the event the will is later contested.

A properly trained certified court videographer knows how to record both visually and audibly the entire will execution procedure in such a way that it will be invaluable should the will subsequently be contested. There is clear evidence the testimony was voluntary and made without any type of improper inducement. The recording truly and correctly depicts the events and person shown.

Pre - Construction Video Surveys

Land SurveyHow do you prove that your crews did nothing wrong! It's your word against the homeowner's. With a video survey there is NO QUESTION what was there before construction started, so your crews can work with the confidence that they are being protected.

Construction firms that dig up streets and bring heavy equipment into residential neighborhoods are using video to document the condition of the property BEFORE they start their work.

Construction EquipmentLiability protection is a must for state, county and local municipalities as well as construction companies who want to assure any post-construction damage claims are legitimate. A thorough and comprehensive video tape of the area surrounding a major construction site taken prior to the commencement of the construction can document property conditions as they existed prior to paving, blasting, excavating, or heavy equipment operation.

The video shows existing damage to curbs, streets, sidewalks, driveways, trees, poles and landscape. To be considered evidence they must be shot by a disinterested third party, not someone in your crew.

Construction Draws

Construction DrawsAlmost all construction is paid for in Draws upon completion of certain phases. In the past, the lender would send out their own officer to inspect the job site and bill the builder hundreds or even thousands of dollars per inspection. Many times the inspector has to travel from out of state.

Construction companies and lenders can save thousands of dollars by using a certified legal videographer from Schubert Video Productions. We will perform a video inspection of the completed phase and send the video along with a signed certification to the lender.

A CERTIFIED legal videographer can function as a disinterested third party for either lender or builder, and can objectively video tape a construction site to confirm that each phase of the project has been completed in order to meet the payment criteria of draw submissions.

S.I.U. Related Viedography

Video is a necessary tool used by trial lawyers and Special Investigative Units to capture the verbal and non-verbal communication of a witness or evidence.

How can Schubert Video Productions help the S.I.U. agent?

  • Examinations under oath.
  • Forensic examinations of autos, boats, houses, specialty vehicles and documents.
  • Incident reconstructions.
  • Individuals at the damaged property pointing out how the damage to their property occurred and what they observed.

Law Enforcement / Fire Dept.

Fire FightersVideotaping of crime scenes, homicides, arson, bombings, accident re-creation, video lineup, deposition, confession, interview, hypnosis session, aerial video, etc.

We can produce training tapes for Law Enforcement, Fire Departments, EMS, and other agencies.

Scene - Of - Incident Video

Often time still photos of charts don't do justice to the scene of an incident. A witness can more easily and definitively explain a particular scene when actually at the location where the incident occurred.

We specialize in virtually all legal/forensic video needs, whether in the courtroom, at the scene of an incident, at your office or at an expert witness place of business.

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