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The cost of college tuition rises significantly every year and scholarships become harder to achieve. Will your student athlete make the cut?

VideoScout is a nationally standardized program that can reduce or eradicate tuition costs. With the VideoScout method, an athlete increases the chance of gaining a scholarship by putting their skills directly in front of college recruiters. This is done via a personalized interactive marketing CD specially developed for them.

The CD includes:

  • Game Footage
  • Game Highlights
  • A Personal Message From The Athlete
  • A Personal Message From The Athlete's Coach(es)
  • Statistics and Important Academic Information

Along with the interactive VideoScout CD, a personalized webpage is also created to showcase the athlete. The page displays all current game schedules, game stats, updated academic records, photos, etc. This allows a recruiter to keep up to date with their potential scholarship recipient at all times.

» Click here to hear the Fall 2004 VideoScout Commercial


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