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Schubert Video Productions, LLC
What We Do

What We Do

Here at Schubert Video Productions we offer a wide variety of videography needs. From as elaborate and detailed as corporate marketing and training videos to as structured as legal depositions and courtroom video presentations, our team creates a professional production encorporatng the clients needs. Technology today has opened up a wide variety of information sharing modalities. With both DVD's and interactive CD-roms the ability to reach clients or potential customers has never been so easy.

To avoid litigation, more companies are choosing to have video surveys performed before they begin construction. Our videographers are trained to capture specific, unbiased documentation of pavement cracks, lawn irregularities and other areas surrounding the construction site. Time day stamp and concise description by the videographer, erases any confusion that what is seen on the video is not accurate.

BaseballVideoScout is a standardized videorecruiting service. An interactive CD-rom is sent to colleges of the athlete's choice. This CD-rom contains not only video highlights of the athelete in action, as well as interviews from the athelte and his/her coach. The athelte also is offered a website to showcase statistics, grades, schedules and other pertinent information.

Our creative side abounds with elegant wedding videography. While you still will want to have still photography and it does capture beautiful captured photos, videography can preserve the ongoing emotion of the day. Love stories are becoming more popular, as couples choose to share a glimpse of their lives with friends and loved ones. Couples are videotaped talking about their courtship as well as there hopes for the future. This is intermixed with pictures of the couple as well as dramatic video footage of the couple together. Although grooms are often nervous to be involved with a love story, when the videowork is done, they are amazed at how powerfully emotional the finished work is.

FlowerVideo memorials are produced after the death of a loved one. Set to tasteful music, photo and/or video footage is displayed. These are often shown at the funeral home, but often are only kept by the family to help them heal.

Our duplication department can convert various sizes of old videotape (8mm, 16mm) to DVD to preserve those memories for eternity. Often, gentle and appropriate music can be added if the customer would like. VHS can also be stored to DVD. We are also able to convert old reel to reel audio tape to CD-rom.


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